Is the cone also kosher for Passover?
Is the cone also kosher for Passover? Credit: iStock

Do you think you already know everything about Passover? Think again. We compiled five things for you that will surprise even those who know the Haggadah by heart.

Moshe Rabbeinu Fish

You probably already heard of the "parat Moshe Rabbeinu" which is the Hebrew name for a ladybug. It was named after Moshe Rabbeinu due to its usefulness in agriculture by eating small insects and other pests. The ladybug has distant cousins called Moshe Rabbeinu fish or their official name of flatfish (pleuronectiformes). These fish have a unique characteristic - their bodies appear to be divided into two parts. The fish received their unique name due to the legend which says their bodies were split together with the splitting of the Red Sea.

רואים את התפר באמצע?
רואים את התפר באמצע? צילום: iStock

Passover in Ethiopia

Injera is Ethiopia's national bread for those who aren't familiar with it. This special bread was imported to Israel by Ethiopians and it remains the staple food of most of the older Ethiopians to this day. Injera is made from teff flour, which isn't one of the five types of grain listed in the Bible, and therefore is not defined as chametz and is permitted to eat on Passover. Nevertheless, the Ethiopian Jews decided that because it is their main food, it should be banned on Passover. So if you want to taste some of this special bread - wait until the holiday is over.

חכו את שיעבור החג
חכו את שיעבור החג צילום: iStock

Eating kosher for Passover food at the zoo

If you think that only humans burn the chametz, think again. Since it is forbidden to receive any benefit from chametz, the food that animals receive in safari or zoos also must be kosher for Passover. Those who are happiest about changing the menu are the monkeys who seem to love eating matza. The leftover chametz in the zoo is usually thrown to the elephants who manage to "burn it" without too much effort.

מבער חמץ מקצועי
מבער חמץ מקצועי צילום: iStock

Ben and Jerry's charoset ice cream

There are those who love charoset on Passover, and there are those who want to continue the taste for the whole year. In the past, Ben & Jerry's prepared special charoset ice cream for Passover. After first producing matza ice cream, they tried out charoset ice cream. The ice cream is made from apples, wine, cinnamon and most importantly, Ben & Jerry's famous vanilla ice cream. If they didn't produce the charoset ice cream this year, there's no need to worry. Anyone who wants to taste it can simply mix their homemade charoset with vanilla ice cream and test it out.

Hogwarts Haggadah

It's impossible not to be impressed by the huge variety of Haggadot available every year but you haven't seen a Haggadah like the Hogwarts Haggadah yet. The Haggadah, which is based of course on the Harry Potter books, connects Seder ideas to the characters of the successful book series. You'll find parallels between the four sons and the four houses in Hogwarts and you'll also learn about the nullification of chametz performed by the goblins in Gringotts. So if you've always dreamed of a magical Seder night, this is the Haggadah for you.

Do you know things about Passover that no one else knows? You were familiar with everything on this list already? You're sick of matza and chocolate? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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