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Observers on behalf of the New Right Party report vote counting irregularities in the Central Elections Committee.

"Someone's stealing the Right's election victory, they're not letting us go in to watch," say party observers, who claim they have been barred from preforming their function as observers and remain on the other side of closed doors.

"By six in the morning, the New Right received the votes of soldiers who put them in the Knesset with four seats and the right-wing bloc grew to 67," the observers note. "Suddenly, the entry of observers was stopped, the election committee's website got stuck, the New Right's numbers suddenly fell, and the New Right was pushed out of the Knesset. Meretz received another mandate from the soldiers, and the Rightist bloc fell from 67 to 64."

Following the claims, party officials say, "We'll demand a recount and we won't allow any ballot box monkey-business."

New Right Chairman Education Minister Naftali Bennett said this morning upon leaving his home in Ra'anana: "I pray to G-d and fight for every vote."

Central Elections Committee member Avraham Weber said on Galei Tzahal: "The electoral threshold has increased, so the New Right apparently doesn't pass because of a shortage of 1,000 votes."

Observers forbidden to observe
Observers forbidden to observe Compliments of the photographer