Pompeo meets Hariri
Pompeo meets Hariri Reuters

Channel 13 News' Barak Ravid reports that following US intelligence, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during his visit to Beirut ten days ago that Hezbollah and Iran have secretly set up a new factory to produce precision rockets on Lebanese soil.

Two weeks ago, Pompeo visited Israel and met twice with Prime Minister Netanyahu. An American source said that during his visit, Netanyahu presented information to Pompeo indicating that Iran and Hezbollah secretly established a new factory for manufacture of precision rockets in Lebanon, the existence of which was not known until recently.

In September, Netanyahu revealed in his speech at the UN General Assembly the existence of two precision missile manufacturing plants in Lebanon and following the speech, Hezbollah shut down the factories.

After his visit to Israel, Pompeo traveled to Beirut. The American source said the US Secretary of State met with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and conveyed a strong message about the new missile plant. Pompeo warned Hariri the missile plant could have implications for Lebanon's security.

"Pompeo made clear to senior officials in Beirut that Hezbollah is doing something inside Lebanon, and the danger of escalation against Israel as a result of this is real," the source said. "We made sure all the information we have in this context (of the missile factory) is also in the hands of the Lebanese government."

The US State Department commented: "We do not give details about the contents of quiet diplomatic contacts."