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Prof. Yaacov Katz, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and an expert on public opinion, discussed in an interview with Arutz Sheva the method currently used to conduct election polls which, he argues, is unreliable and does not reflect reality.

Katz explained that polls nowadays are conducted via the Internet. "They send a question to 30,000 people and get answers from 500. It's not like it used to be when people were called on the phone."

"As soon as the polls are digital, technological or via text messaging, it omits some of the pollster’s control over who is asked and where the answers come from. You do not know exactly what kind of sample it is, whether it’s representative or not representative and of course that is very disturbing to the pollsters,” he added.

"They themselves are working under the pressure of a timetable that requires them to give an answer within a day, which adds to the difficulty. That is why parties such as Liberman, Orly Levy and Kahlon are below the electoral threshold in some of the polls and above it in others."

Katz analyzed the latest polls, saying, "Blue and White are declining, they started with 35-37 seats, and today they are around 30, compared to the Likud, which maintains stability of 28-30. Since Gantz's interviews, there has been a decline in his popularity, including in the suitability to be Prime Minister, despite the submarines, hearings and shares [involving Netanyahu]. Gantz's affairs, including the unholy connection between him and the police, bother his people, as does what he said that Netanyahu would kill him if he could. Gantz was dealt a pretty hard blow."

As for the right-wing bloc, said Katz, "The question is whether Feiglin belongs to the right or not. According to his book he is a man of the Greater Land of Israel, but most of his voters are not rightists, but rather supporters of freedom and legalization. Therefore it is important for the right to have a majority even without him.”

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