Trump signs order recognizing Golan Heights
Trump signs order recognizing Golan Heights Yoni Kempinski

The Wall Street based Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce strongly praised President Donald Trump’s signature of a historic declaration on Monday, which recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The Chamber noted the region’s strategic importance for both the long term security and economic prospects of the Golan’s Jewish, Muslim and Druze residents, as well as for the entire region.

Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Chamber, noted that this was a courageous move by President Trump, for which he received lots of criticism, both domestically and in the international community.

“As we’ve seen throughout his presidency – and particularly in recent days – President Trump remains steadfast in the face of his critics and his moves are ultimately vindicated,” says Mr. Honig. “On behalf of the international Jewish community and the business world, we would like to thank the President for doing the right thing and advancing peace and prosperity through strength in the Middle East.”

Mr. Honig also lauded the roles of several leading officials in shaping the administration’s foreign policy, including Ambassador David Friedman, special advisor Jason Greenblatt, Ambassador John Bolton and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – all of whom enjoy close relationships with the Chamber.