Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is at the center of an aggressive campaign regarding his alleged involvement in the submarine deal, did not conceal on Sunday his anger at the heads of the Blue and White party who, he said, are disseminating a blood libel against him with the help of the media.

"How could I have profited from the sale of submarines via a share, if I no longer owned the stock when we bought the submarines?" Netanyahu asked in an interview with Channel 20. "I ask you, explain it to me. How can they, how dare they have the nerve to say something that isn’t possible in the real world?”

Netanyahu made it clear that his actions were carried out according to the law and that he reported his business and shares to the relative parties. "I received a permit to hold this share. When I entered, I was a prime minister for a short time. I received a permit. When I sold the share, I reported it. I paid a large tax, everything is documented."

Asked how he explains the large profits he earned on his investment, Netanyahu replied, "I earned it because I'm a good investor. The reason our economy looks the way it does is because I can identify good things. I'm not bankrupt like Benny Gantz, or a person who does not understand anything about finances like Yair Lapid, or Gabi Ashkenazi, who lost shares for his investors and tried to mislead them at the Shemen Oil company.”

"Because I really know how to do these things, they accuse me of treason? I am suing them for libel. I am also adding Lapid to this [lawsuit]. I’m suing all of them, everyone, I will sue them all. By the way, I also want to look into what Ashkenazi said because I am adding him [to the lawsuit] as well. You accuse me of treason?!” said the Prime Minister.

"Me, who fought for this country, who was wounded in battle, who risked my life, almost lost my life five times in order to prevent Iran from signing the agreement that you supported?!"

Asked about the decline in the polls, Netanyahu admitted he was concerned. "I am very scared. People should also be scared. Anyone who wants a strong right-wing government and not the left-wing government of Ashkenazi and Gantz and Lapid. After all, Lapid will be Prime Minister here. If they do not vote for the Likud, that's what will happen, Lapid will be Prime Minister,” he warned.

Netanyahu was asked if he would be willing to hold a televised debate with Benny Gantz, and replied, "I do not know, we'll think about it. We’ll see. There will definitely be a confrontation because I’m going to sue them for slander. I’m fed up. I’m sick of it. Simply sick of their lies. It’s over.”