'Trust yourselves, because we trust you'
'Trust yourselves, because we trust you' Mark Neiman (GPO)

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday handed out ‘mishloach manot’ gifts at an IDF Military Police post.

Rivlin greeted the soldiers, who were from the Taoz Battalion, saying: “Happy Purim to you and all those who keep us safe!”

Speaking with the soldiers about the challenges they face with the current rise in tension in the security situation, Rivlin continued, “You are armed, you are the forces that protect us and ensure that we can go about our daily lives. You enable us to have a happy holiday, protected against all those who seek our harm.”

“Let me repeat the obvious, but which still needs to be said: Do not hesitate when facing danger. That is what you were taught and that is what you train for. Trust yourselves, because we trust you and your judgement. The whole of Israel is with you and behind you.”

Taox Battalion Commander Lt. Matan Shetach, thanked Rivlin, and gratefully receiving the Purim gifts.

The soldiers also thanked the President for his heart-warming gifts, and Rivlin was touched by their many questions about Nechama’s recovery. The group then took the obligatory group selfie, to ensure that everyone had a happy holiday.