Bennett at funeral of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger
Bennett at funeral of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger Hezki Baruch

Education Minister and New Right Party Chairman Naftali Bennett today participated in the funeral in Eli of terror victim Rabbi Achiad Ettinger. A father to 12, Rabbi Ettinger succumbed to his wounds this morning after being shot by a Muslim at the Ariel Junction yesterday morning.

In his eulogy, Minister Bennett said, "Rabbi Achiad was a hero in his life, and in his death. The most educational thing I can do today, as Education Minister, is to ensure that every child in the State of Israel, will look at Rabbi Achiad and say, 'we should learn from his example'. In his life he'd forego every moment of personal gain. In his death, as the murderer stood not far from him, Rabbi Ettinger sprang into action and paid with his life. In this life, we have lost Rabbi Ahiad, but his everlasting legacy we will keep with us forever."

He continued "Rabbi Achiad breathed the spirit of hope, with his strong spirit and by his own hands, he changed the reality of life in south Tel Aviv. How important was Rabbi Achiad for the residents of south Tel Aviv, how much Torah and light he brought there. And what a great connection he built between the people who live there and the residents of Judea and Samaria. Rabbi Achiad built bridges between people. Who will do that now?"

The Minister said, "Rabbi Achiad, even in the last seconds of his great life, strove to do good. Instead of fleeing, he sprang into action, and paid with his life. He gave his life as a hero of Israel."

Speaking of the ongoing threat against Israeli citizens, the Minister said, "This persistent evil, which has again and again robbed us of our dearest sons and daughters, our loved ones, must be brought to an end. Standing at your grave I say, Jewish blood will no longer be considered the cheapest commodity in the Middle East. We'll be able to end terror only by removing the cognitive and legal restraints that prevent us from winning."

He concluded, "We'll always be inspired by Achiad's strong spirit, and by the generosity of his family who chose to donate his organs and keep his kindness alive, even in his death. Tamar, dear children, dear family, the wonderful community of Eli, we are with you, and we are here to offer you strength. The people of Israel lives."