Bennett and Shaked
Bennett and Shaked Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, heads of the New Right party, gave a joint interview to the Yediot Aharonot newspaper and spoke about their partnership that was formed in Binyamin Netanyahu's office in 2005 and continues to this day.

The two were asked if there were any disagreements in this partnership, to which Bennett replied, "There are countless disagreements as often happens between two people, but because I very much value Ayelet and her opinion and she values me and my opinion, then we solve everything."

Asked how long this partnership will survive, Bennett replied, “It has no expiration date”, while Shaked said, "How can you know what will happen in life? We are in many ways putting our ego aside in order to maintain this partnership.”

There are ego fights between the two, but according to Bennett, "I think most of the public thinks we are the two best ministers in the government." Bennett and Shaked said “no” when asked if they had ever been upset with one another and made it clear that there has never been a situation in which they did not talk to each other.

Bennett was asked whether he would agree to give up first place for Shaked if her name was "stronger" and replied, "The day after Netanyahu I will run for prime minister and I intend to be prime minister."

Shaked responded, "Bennett should be prime minister after Netanyahu, after Bennett, everything is open."

When asked whether Shaked is suitable to be prime minister, Bennett replied, "Ayelet has the skills to achieve every position in the State of Israel. Everything includes everything. She has an extraordinary set of traits and common sense."

Shaked added, "We respect one another, value each other and know that our partnership has many advantages. In politics, they are all lonely wolves, and when we are in a partnership, the power is more significant."

Bennett continued, "For example, in the ultimatum we set for the prime minister, it was Ayelet's initiative. We discussed it and we decided to go for it, and then we decided to pull back together. Ayelet is a great asset to the party and the government. When I achieved two ministerial roles during the formation the government, it is customary for the party leader to take the more senior portfolio, the justice portfolio. But I gave her the portfolio even though I could have taken it for myself. I just thought she was more suited for it."

He is also not sorry that he gave the justice portfolio to Shaked, saying, "Your assumption is that everything is political, but in the end Ayelet and I came to politics for the benefit of state, and what I did in the education system and she in the justice system would not have happened if it was the opposite. We truly brought greater value and I am proud of everything she does. This is a true shared leadership. Not a game."