Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel Eliran Aharon

Baruch Marzel, one of the leaders of the Otzma Yehudit movement, responded this afternoon to MK Avigdor Liberman, who earlier today called Marzel and Dr. Michael Ben Ari "freaks".

"The delusional one is someone who isn't ashamed to make declarations that he will liquidate Haniyeh within 48 hours and in fact, as Defense Minister, he surrendered to the firing of hundreds of missiles on the south with no response," Marzel said.

"Liberman understands that media attention to him is rock bottom and therefore he spews nonsense to raise him to the headlines, even though he knows very well he doesn't scratch the threshold at the bottom and he'll be watching the next Knesset on Channel 99."

Marzel also responded to Liberman's statement that Marzel and Ben-Ari had come up against him in the Ashdod supermarket conflict, and said, "I'm proud of my support with Michael Ben-Ari against the anti-Judaism Liberman in the struggle to preserve the sanctity of the Sabbath and the Jewish character of the State of Israel. It would be worthwhile for Liberman to internalize that Israel isn't Soviet Russia but a Jewish state."

Earlier in the day, Liberman attacked the Likud Party and Otzma Yehudit heads at an event held by the Mediterranean Towers Network.

"There's no big difference today between the Likud party and the Blue-and-White party," Liberman said, adding that "the Likud has become a semi-haredi party. Michael Ben Ari and Baruch Marzel were the ones who stood up against us in demonstrations against the closure of supermarkets in Ashdod.

"From my point of view, they don't exist, and when I meet them in the Knesset, I don't say hello to them. They're delusional people and nothing beyond that," Liberman added.

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