Netanyahu at lunar launch
Netanyahu at lunar launch Kobi Gidon, GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the start of Sunday's cabinet meeting.

"Yesterday we heard a senior Iranian official say, 'Iran has achieved 90% of its goals in Syria.' This is incorrect. It is correct that they are trying and it is correct that we are blocking them.

Last month another Iranian official said that they are only 'advising' Syria. The world hears very many Iranian lies.

I have a clear message to the Iranian regime that wants to destroy Israel: Israel will continue to act as necessary in order to block Iranian military entrenchment in Syria.

On Wednesday I will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. We had a preliminary phone conversation ahead of this meeting and, of course, the Iranian issue topped our discussions; this we agreed on. I will discuss regional developments and the Iranian aggression with him.

We will also discuss strengthening the coordination mechanism between the IDF and the Russian military in order to preserve stability and prevent unnecessary friction in the region. These talks are important for security and the IDF, and are very important for the State of Israel.

Something else that is important for the State of Israel is what happened last Friday morning. The State of Israel made history and launched the first Israeli spacecraft to the moon. I watched the launch from the control room. It was a moment of great pride and emotion. This is a very great step for the State of Israel and a huge step for Israeli technology.

I want Israeli citizens to know that our Tanakh will reach the moon, also the phrase etched below the camera – Am Yisrael Chai [the People of Israel lives]. This is something that could only be dreamed of.

Now we need to hope that the spacecraft completes its mission and lands on the moon. This is the more difficult part. But even so, the very fact that we are the fourth country -- after three major powers, the US, Russia and China, the three countries that have launched [spacecraft] to the moon – that is trying, and perhaps will succeed in being the fourth country, is a great honor for the State of Israel and an expression of confidence in our capabilities, in our daring and in our future."

"רגע של גאווה עצומה והתרגשות עצומה" לע"מ