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Israel Hayom reported Sunday that Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi will be holding a “Victory Workshop” next month for senior IDF officers and members of the General Staff Forum.

During the three-day workshop, the IDF high command will discuss the strength of the IDF in order to present and achieve a clear victory in all regions in case of war.

The newspaper reported that in addition to the members of the IDF General Staff Forum, the special workshop will also include commanders of major divisions and brigades in the army.

It was also reported that the workshop marks the inception of a multi-year program, which will take effect next year.

This is said to be a conceptual workshop in which decisions are not expected to be made. Senior officers will be divided in a mix of think tanks based on subjects that will discuss the changes in IDF, as well as the enemy's transformation, and the correct way to win today’s wars based on those changes and the introduction to new technologies.

Lilach Shoval, the Israel Hayom correspondent on this report, stated that Maj. Gen. Kochavi has asked the officers participating in the workshop to present the “genealogy” of the body of which they are loyal. Shoval explained, “This is a term that as far as the Chief of Staff is concerned, is the historical development of the IDF bodies, even though for some senior officers it is the first time hearing the term as part of the preparations for the workshop.”

The workshop is said to be led by the head of Military Intelligence and the head of the IDF’s Torah and Training Division.

The workshop will be concluded after several days in which the senior officers who had participated will compose dozens of teams that will be formed to plan the next multi-year plan due to take effect in 2020.

The IDF is planning to formulate the plan by July, when a new government will be able to approve of it.

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