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Oz Ve'Hadar is a unique project which brings to life halachically (Torah law) invalidated Torah scrolls, and presents them to Defense Ministry sites and IDF units throughout the country.

Over years of usage, Torah scrolls written decades ago, as well as Torah scrolls that are 24-7 out on the field with the Israeli soldiers, become unfit for public readings. Oz Ve'Hadar's sole mission is to bring many Torah scrolls to IDF bases and units by repairing these invalidated Torah scrolls.

Recipients of the restored Scrolls can also include Yad Le’Banim centers in most cities, which are memorial centers of local sons who were killed in active service.

The process of restoring an invalidated Torah Scroll begins with a thorough check of the Scroll to ascertain its specific flaws by meticulous proofreading and hundreds of hours of editing, including a final computerized scan to ensure accuracy. The process takes between three months to half a year.

Once the Scroll is validated it reverts back to “active service”. The next step is to determine which army base or unit will receive the Scroll, and celebrate a re-dedication ceremony organized by the government’s Defense Ministry in corroboration with the IDF.

This whole process is funded by donors from around the world. The Ministry and IDF permit the donor to decide in whose name the Torah Scroll will be dedicated.

Donors dedicate the Scrolls to an army unit, or Yad Le’Banim memorial center at a ceremony in the presence of the unit commanders, soldiers, rabbis, and family members of the donor.

And so, in this special project, the traditions and legacy of Torah meet the present needs of the Jewish nation's army in the Land of Israel.

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