Rabbi Yigal Levenstein
Rabbi Yigal Levenstein Elior ben Chaim

The head of the pre-military academy in the community of Eli Rabbi Yigal Levinstein expressed his support for the Hazon project that has recently begun operations.

"In the State of Israel there's a tremendous cultural struggle between two worldviews that are fighting for the identity of the State," says Rabbi Levinstein in the video.

"The current situation is that the minority, which believes in a state of all its citizens, imposes its opinion on the majority using by the Supreme Court, that the rights of the individual always nullify the rights of the people and the rights of the nation.

"The Knesset, which expresses the Jewish majority in the State of Israel, must ensure that sovereignty is restored to the Jewish People in this country, and not allow the Supreme Court to continue to nullify the rights of the majority, its values, its content, and its purpose."

In the continuation of the video, the rabbi says that in the future, too, there will be a struggle over the Jewish content of the State. "This is a very important movement - a visionary movement - an all-Israeli movement that wants to raise the flag of a country with a Jewish character - what was previously known to everyone as status quo - Shabbat, kashrut, and marriage according to the Torah of Israel - are all being trampled. We want to raise a banner and call out loudly: Restore Jewish identity and Judaism to the Jewish State. Restore sovereignty to the Jewish People."

At the end of the video, the rabbi says: "For this reason we've returned to this land, 3,300 years since we left Egypt and received the Torah. This is our future, this is our destiny, this is the shared vision of us all - all the Jews in Israel and around the world, and on the we must fight, with all our vigor and vitality and with love of Israel," he said.

The Hazon (Vision) project was recently established in preparation for the elections to set a Jewish agenda in the country. In recent days, the project has begun to call on the public to join and support their activities. According to project organizers, many have already approached and asked them to join and take part in the activity, and they expect the number of applications to only increase in coming days as a result of public exposure to the project.

"המיעוט כופה על הרוב את דעתו" תנועת חזון

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