Netanyahu in Warsaw
Netanyahu in Warsaw Arutz Sheva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will continue to meet Arab leaders during the international conference in Warsaw, he stated Wednesday.

"I am now coming from an excellent meeting with the foreign minister of Oman," said the prime minister. "We have talked about additional steps we can take together with countries in the region to advance common interests."

"From here I am going to meet with 60 foreign ministers and representatives of countries around the world against Iran. What is important is the meeting. And it is a meeting that not hidden or held in secret, because there are a lot of such meetings. It is in fact an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries who sit with Israel to advance the common interest of containing Iran.

The Prime Minister added: "What we are doing is removing Iran from Syria. We are committed to doing this and will continue to do so. Warsaw is cold at the moment, but Israel's foreign relations are heating up and warming for the better."