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An indictment was filed Monday morning at the Be'er Sheva District Court against Aviram Zaguri for the murder of Rotem Harush during his birthday party last November.

According to of the indictment, Rotem held a birthday party at his home that was attended by many people, including Zaguri, at various times starting the evening of November 15 and going throughout the night.

Before the party, Harush's brother opened a small Whatsapp group titled "Yomuledet” (a short version of the word birthday in Hebrew) for the occasion, in which Zaguri said he was going to come to the birthday party wearing a veil.

The indictment also shows that after the party began, a violent argument developed between Zaguri and Harush's friend, Adam Saruga, during which Zaguri hit Saruga in the face, and the two pushed each other. Sometime later, Zaguri left the party deciding to kill Saruga.

According to this decision, Zaguri armed with a rifle returned to the alley near Harush's house close to 3:45 AM with someone else, whose identity is not known.

Several participants from the party were in the alley, including Harush and Masruga. Shortly afterwards shouts were heard from the location bringing Rotem Harush's mother, Shula Harush, to the alley as well.

At some point during the argument, Zaguri pulled out the weapon and fired at Masruga several times in his stomach and thigh. One bullet hit Shula Harush in the thigh and one bullet hit Rotem Harush in the head. Zaguri and the other man with him fled the alley.

The next evening, Zaguri unexpectedly arrived at his aunt's house in Ashdod, without prior notice, where he hid during the police searched for him, until he was arrested on November 22.

As a result of the shooting, Rotem Harush who was injured in the head, died at the scene. Adam Masruga was rushed to Soroka Medical Center, where he was operated on several times. Due to his deteriorating condition, he was hospitalized for about a month. Shula Harush, the mother of the deceased, was also rushed to Soroka Medical Center.

The indictment charges Zaguri with murder, attempted murder, sabotage with aggravated intent, and carrying and transporting weapons. The prosecution is trying to hold Zaguri until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

According to the prosecutor, Zaguri has a long criminal record, including violent offenses. In recent years, he has served multiple prison terms and was released from his last prison sentence last June.

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