Assuta Hospital
Assuta Hospital Flash 90

The Purchasing and Production department of the Defense Ministry purchases medical services from the civilian health system for the IDF and the Rehabilitation Department for the disabled at an annual volume of NIS 1.5 billion.

Services are mostly purchased from the public health system and the rest are from private bodies. The agreement, signed by the Purchasing Manager, through the Deputy Rector of Purchasing Services and in cooperation with the Medical Corps, will enable the soldiers and Rehabilitation Unit survivors residing in the south to receive treatment at the hospital.

Asuta Hospital in Ashdod, the first public hospital established in Israel 40 years ago, has served a wide clientele since its establishment in Ashdod and the south. It is also the only public hospital in Israel that is reinforced against air attack on a large scale.

This agreement joins existing agreements between the IDF and the Defense Ministry and the other public hospitals in Israel. According to the agreement, ambulatory services will be purchased from the hospital: visits to outpatient clinics, specialist physicians, laboratory tests, MRIs and CT scans, rehabilitation and more. In addition, visits to the emergency room and hospitalization services will be possible through the dedicated unit established at the hospital.

In addition, as part of the agreement, the hospital will provide positions for Medical Corps internists learning specialties.