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The third terrorist who took part in the Rami Levi attack at Shaar Binyamin where Yannai Weissman was murdered was convicted of involvement in the murder and the attempted murder of a civilian who was wounded in the attack.

The terrorist who was convicted today at the military court had arrived with the two other terrorists to the Rami Levy compound in Shaar Binyamin to murder Jews, but was prevented from entering the compound because he was older than the others and did not present his ID card, this while the other terrorists entered and began to hunt down their victims.

Nevertheless, at some point the adult terrorist entered and approached his friends to receive the additional knife and carry out the attack with them.

Before the terrorist managed to get the knife, he was removed from the compound and shouted to his friends 'Yalla' in the sense that they should begin to strike. After the third terrorist left, the other two began carrying out the attack where Yanai Weissman was murdered along with another civilian. The terrorist was convicted of murder and attempted murder for his part in the murders committed.

The Central Command Citation was awarded to Sgt. Yannai Weissman for his courage and personal example in his struggle against the terrorists during the attack.

"We thank the military prosecution for its work and welcome the court's ruling that convicted the terrorist and thus conveyed the message that any partner in a terrorist act will stand trial for the act and bear full responsibility for the consequences," said Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu organization.

"There's no doubt that the presence of the families of the victims of hostilities during the court hearings sharpens the legal and simple understanding that there are terrorists here who are interested in threatening our existence, and there's no room to pity those terrorists and accept their false version after they executed their scheme. Such terrorists should be executed."

Bleicher added, "We call on the court not to make do with less than life imprisonment both in this instance against the terrorists who haven't yet been sentenced and in the appeal against the terrorist who was sentenced to 35 years without life imprisonment."

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