Father of accused minor
Father of accused minorHonenu

The attorneys of the Jewish minor accused of killing Aisha a-Rabi attacked today's decision to file an indictment.

Attorney Amir Bracha of the Honenu organization said, "The indictment filed today should not have been submitted. A big question mark hangs over this indictment. We repeatedly said it all along. The court also spoke of the fact that the main evidence is actually some kind of unknown DNA that we don't know at the moment what it is. This indictment is based on a limping leg that's unlikely to stand trial.

"This indictment causes serious damage, certainly to a 16-year-old minor and his family. We'll photocopy this evidence, and we'll be able to attack this indictment with help of experts on our behalf. The minor states again he is not behind this incident. The State, instead of wanting to reach the truth and identify the person who really did it, simply marked their goal instead of focusing and really getting at the truth," added the lawyer.

The minor's father said, "We know our son's innocent. The ordinary man-on-the-street understands our son's innocent. Unfortunately, the over-motivation to find guilty at all costs has turned us into victims. It'll take time unfortunately but one day our son will be exonerated. We're sure of this and we know it. But who will give back the years of youth stolen from him? Who will heal his broken heart and that of the family? And of his friends? Who will answer for this? We don't know that. We're strong and hope that we'll survive. But the injustice cries out to Heaven. Many thanks to you all and thanks to all the supporters helping us."

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"יודעים שהבן שלנו חף מפשע"