Protest in Sderot
Protest in SderotYohai Badash

The family of Hadas Tapuhi, who was killed earlier this month in a road accident near the community of Ateret in the Binyamin region of Samaria about a week ago, is holding protest demonstrations in several locations around the country - in Ashdod, Ramat Gan, Kiryat Shmona, Tel Aviv and other cities.

Her family calls on the police to speed up the investigation. "There are murderers who walking around freely. Police must bring results, and quickly."

Yehonadav Tapuhi, Hadas’ husband, said at a demonstration in Sderot, "This is inconceivable. I have served for years as an intelligence officer in regular service and in reserves. I know how to conduct an investigation when you want to solve a problem. Certainly not like this. I am worried about what will happen to the thousands of others who travel on this road and elsewhere if this is the conduct of police and the Shin Bet."

Thirty-year-old Hadas Tapuhi was killed when her car collided with a truck in a head-on collision, leaving behind her husband and four children.

Residents of Ateret say IDF soldiers who responded to the accident found signs that stones had been thrown just before the fatal crash, raising the possibility that the accident was caused by the stone-throwers, with Tapuhi either losing control of her vehicle, or swerving to avoid the stones being thrown.

The stretch of Route 465 where the accident occurred is frequently targeted by Arab stone-throwers from the nearby village of Umm Safa.

From the demonstration in Sderot:

הפגנה בדרישה לחקור את התאונה בה נהרגה הדס תפוחי בשדרותיוחאי בדש