Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft Reuters

Jewish National Football League team owner Robert Kraft will see his New England Patriots in their ninth Super Bowl since 2000.

The Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady, on Sunday defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 37-31, in overtime in the AFC Championship Game in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

It is the team’s 11th Super Bowl appearance overall. It has won the big game five times under Kraft’s stewardship.

The Patriots will face the Los Angeles Rams, who defeated the New Orleans Saints on Sunday 26-23 in overtime.

Kraft bought the team 25 years ago in 1994.

The Kraft family over recent decades has donated more than $100 million to an array of causes, including health care, education, the Jewish community, Christian organizations and local needs.

Kraft, 77, is a prominent supporter of American football in Israel, including the Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem and the Kraft Family Israel Football League.

Earlier this month, Kraft was named the winner of the $1 million Genesis Prize, the so-called Jewish Nobel.