MK Osnat Mark
MK Osnat MarkChezki Baruch

Kan released a tape Monday morning, in which Knesset Member Osnat Mark spoke to activists at a conference in the north a few days ago. She spoke of the Likud Party’s anger of the justice system in the Naveh affair.

Retiring Bar Association Chairman Attorney Effi Naveh recently resigned over suspicions that he pushed for the promotion of judges in exchange for sexual favors. Just last month, he was arrested for having allegedly helped a woman enter the country without a passport. He claimed he was helping her avoid private investigators as she was going through an ugly divorce.

“It’s very sad to see what is happening in the judicial system,” said MK Mark, who is a recent member to the Knesset having joined when Former Deputy Minister Zaki Levi was elected mayor of Beit She’an.

“In the next Knesset, I intent to enact a law that states that just like a police commissioner and officer undergo a polygraph, so too, every judge should undergo a polygraph. In light of the recent turmoil,” Mark promised.

“Could it be that in our Holy of Holies, we hold people who have allegedly received such and such concessions to enter the judiciary system?” Mark wondered.

“This is a very big chutzpa. Therefore, the law that I intend to pass in the next Knesset will extent for all judges in the State of Israel.”

It was reported yesterday that an attorney filed a complaint on behalf of Naveh, claiming that his secured phone had been stolen and hacked by a journalist. Fearing repercussions, the journalist handed over the phone with incriminating materials in order to get an immunity deal for her part of the theft and hacking.

Earlier today, Attorney Effi Naveh came to the Lahav 433 offices for another interrogation as part of the investigation of alleged corruption in the legal system.