Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan Yoni Kempinski

In statements published last night by the Ramallah news agency and Arab social networks warning against Samaria Council head Yossi Dagan arriving as “head of the invaders” to the Old City of Shechem later tonight.

They are apparently referring to the “Sixth Shechem Conference” that is held annually by the Samaria Regional Council along with the Tour and Study Center, where new archaeological and historical topics related to Shechem are being studied.

There will be a tour of historical sites including Joseph’s Tomb, Tel Balata (also known as the Biblical Shechem), and other sites.

The statement claimed that “this invasion is considered the largest and most dangerous in six years and takes place in a sensitive period and areas deep in the city of Shechem, which settlers have never entered with such force."

They also refer to the head of the Samaria Regional Council as "the head of the West Bank Settlers’ Council".

Shechem is frequently incorrectly referred to as "Nablus"; the Romans had renamed the Jewish city "Naples" and the Arabs, having trouble pronouncing the letter "p", refer to the city until this day as "Nablus".