Netanyahu before leaving for Chad
Netanyahu before leaving for Chad Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took off for Chad on Saturday night.

Before taking off, Netanyahu spoke to reporters and said that the visit is “an important breakthrough. Chad is a huge Muslim country bordering Libya and Sudan. This is part of the revolution we are doing in the Arab and Muslim world. There will be big news there.”

The Prime Minister added, "I can tell you two things: One, this is very bothersome to and even incites anger among Iran and the Palestinians. They are trying to prevent this, and they have not succeeded. And two, I promise there will be more visits.”

Netanyahu was asked about his investigations, but refused to comment on the issue and said, "What I can tell you is that I am going there, and I will respond to you when you return from Chad."

During his visit to Chad, which will last several hours, Netanyahu will meet with President Idriss Deby. A diplomatic source said that it is possible that during the meeting the countries could officially announce the renewal of diplomatic relations between them.

Deby visited Israel in November, where he met with Netanyahu and the two discussed advancing the relations between the two countries towards a full resumption of diplomatic relations.

"President Deby and I had an opportunity to discuss the relations between our two countries and how we can cooperate for the benefit of our people and ensure peace and security," said Netanyahu, who hosted the president at his home.

He added, "We will continue our discussions and I am certain that they will be very productive. President Deby’s historic visit to Israel marks a new era, a new era of security, cooperation and peace."

Deby emphasized the historical dimension of his visit, saying, "This is the first visit by a leader from Chad to Israel, and it can be defined as a historic visit. This visit will allow us to open a new page, a new way in our relations.”