Hadas Tapuchi
Hadas Tapuchi Family

Residents of Ateret in West Binyamin are calling on security forces to investigate the circumstances that led to the death yesterday of Hadas Tapuchi, a mother of four who was killed in a truck collision.

Eli Rosenbaum, a neighbor of the family in the Tchelet neighborhood, told Arutz Sheva they expect that with the same determination with which they currently investigate what is called Jewish terrorism, this serious incident must be investigated.

"We're very frustrated and disappointed by the way the security forces relate to this terrible event, and where Hadas was killed we identified signs of rock-throwing on the road.

"We made sure a brigade tracker arrived, who confirmed the claim that there was rock throwing, increasing the likelihood that Hadas deviated from her course and crashed into the truck as a result of rock-throwing. In this place under Umm Tzafa, rocks are thrown at cars every week.

"We expect and demand from the IDF, the brigade, from the Shin Bet, and the police who know how to investigate cases where there's suspicion that Jews threw stones, here, too, investigate the truth, especially when rocks are thrown here every week, and especially in light of the fact that an IDF tracker checked and confirmed the matter."

He says from the human aspect this is a great tragedy: "I live across from them, the Tapuchi family of Yonadav and Hadas came to us five years ago, they bought a house in the new Tchelet neighborhood, and they have four small children from elementary school down to nursery," he says. "It's hard to talk about Hadas in the past tense; she was a positive woman.

"In our local neighborhood we all call the Tapuchi family, 'the grocery store of apples (tapuchim),' because if someone is missing something, Hadas jumps in the group chat and says, 'we have; you're invited to take'. Her big heart, her smile; the pain is enormous. This is a difficult crisis and we're with them together. The entire community is enveloping and embracing and just hoping and praying that they'll be strengthened and will be able to move on."

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