An Arab social network leaked a video from one of the police stations in Jerusalem, showing a truck in which terrorist Fadi al-Kanbar carried out the ramming attack in Armon Hanatziv, in which four IDF soldiers were murdered two years ago.

In addition to the four killed, thirteen soldiers were hurt, three of whom were severely injured. The soldiers were all part of an IDF officer's training course.

The attack was only stopped when a tour guide arrived and shot the terrorist. Seconds later another tour guide arrived and shot the terrorist. Then it seems that soldiers who were also present shot at the terrorist as well.

The video shows the truck parked in the police parking lot and the picture of the terrorist under the inscription “Trucks of the Saints” and the name of the terrorist next to the words “the son of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood” of Jerusalem.

The Lech Yerushalaim organization notes that the distribution of the video in recent hours is part of the growing trend of glorifying terrorists among Arabs in Jerusalem. The organization is questioning the fact that the video of the police parking lot was leaked to an Arab network. The video’s fluctuations does however make it seem that the video was filmed by a person walking by.

Lech Yerushalaim chairman, Maor Zemach, indicates that he sees the leak as evidence of a weakening law enforcement on the issue of glorifying terrorists in Jerusalem. This is in light of the decision to return the body of the terrorist responsible for the stabbing attack in an Armon Hanatziv police station about three weeks ago. In that attack two police officers were lightly injured.

There was no aggressive response to the terrorist’s funeral which was led by Hamas, the terrorist organization.

It should be noted that at the timing of the publication of the video may not be coincidental, since this is exactly two years to the date of the anniversary of the attack. If such a connection exists, it can be assumed that the truck was taken some time ago and the photographer or distributor waited for the special date to distribute the video and to glorification of the terrorist.

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