the flag with a swastika
the flag with a swastika Shin Bet spokesperson

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represents one of the minors who was arrested in connection with the investigation into the murder of Palestinian Authority resident Aisha Rabi, responded Sunday to the Shin Bet's announcement that the youths who were arrested on suspicion of committing the murder also burned the Israeli flag.

Ben Gvir responded, "We have been in a number of hearings in the courtroom and the interrogators never attributed the possession of the flag with the abominable symbol to the interrogees. It was clear to me today after the court had hinted to the Shin Bet that there is really no material in the file because it is only a matter of time "Indeed, this spin did not come too late."

Attorney Ben Gvir stated that he intends to appeal this evening before a libel suit against members of the Shin Bet, "when the Shin Bet is under pressure every method is kosher and therefore we will hear new spins against the suspects, that they are anti-Zionists and the like. In truth these are good children who love the State of Israel."

As for the Israeli flag that the boys allegedly burned, Ben-Gvir says: "I remember very well how they planted Shin Bet agent Raviv, who was waving SS signs, in order besmirch an entire segment of the population. I do not know if this is the case, but I must admit that the timing of the announcement and the pressure that the Shin Bet is under may lead them to make a mistake again, and as they did in Avishai Raviv's case, they will do so now."

Shmuel Meidad, the director-general of the Honenu legal organization, criticized the Shin Bet's conduct in its investigation into the murder of Aisha Rabi.

"The Shin Bet has decided to shed the blood of the settlers and all the means are kosher, slander, lies, de-legitimization of the entire community, and in fact their blood was allowed to legalize the violations of the law in the interrogation rooms.

"The Pri Haaretz Yeshiva, a wonderful institution, wonderful boys. It has the best education in Israel. The sons of all the best families in the country are studying there, and just the Shin Bet decided to shed their blood. The Shin Bet did not even bother to check the alibi they presented to them. Unfortunately, throughout its history, the Shin Bet has trampled the settlers, during Avishai Raviv's period, in the Duma investigations, and even now. The blood of the youths cannot be shed, the Jews also have rights in this country," Meidad concluded.

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