Child abuse
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Attorneys Adi Kedar, Nati Rom of the Honenu legal organization and Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir left Saturday night for a visit to the detained youths after a week in which the youths were interrogated by the Shin Bet under harsh interrogation conditions, while being denied the right to meet with an attorney.

After leaving, the lawyers said, "As we have argued from the beginning, our clients are not connected at all to the affair, they have no connection and the Shin Bet has no evidence linking them to the act.”

"The unusual order that prevented us from meeting the minors was due to improper considerations, whose sole purpose was to get a false confession from the interrogees, a move which failed. The boys clearly denied any connection to the act. And, unfortunately, they were also interrogated on Shabbat,” the three said.

"Our clients have had difficult days, and conduct is extremely improper on the part of Shin Bet interrogators. An interrogation that will leave them with trauma for the rest of their lives by no fault of their own. At this moment, two additional minors are still barred from meeting with an attorney, something which should cause every citizen of Israel to worry."

Today, Sunday, the lawyers will hold a press conference at the Magistrate's Court in Rishon Letzion at 3:00 pm in which they will describe what the boys have been through.