Under arrest
Under arrest iStock

Police tonight, Saturday, arrested two other minors on suspicion of involvement in the so-called “Jewish terror” affair in which a gag order was imposed.

The two join their three friends from the same yeshiva in Samaria arrested last Sunday.

An exceptional order was issued against them preventing them from meeting their lawyers.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir said after the arrest of one suspect, "A cautious assessment: The arrest of the additional suspect in the case is intended, in my opinion, to present a development in the investigation in order to prevent us from meeting with the suspects.”

“If we receive such a notice, a special hearing will take place tonight at the Lod District Court before Judge Shvaser, in which we will claim that the Shin Bet and the police are trying to play a trick and prevent children from meeting with their lawyers.”

It should be noted that according to the law, a person suspected of a security offense can be prevented from meeting a lawyer in the event that a meeting is liable to disrupt the arrest of additional suspects or the investigation, or when preventing the meeting is needed in order to thwart an offense or to protect human life.

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