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The US House of Representatives on Thursday night passed legislation to end the partial government shutdown, hours after Democrats took control of the chamber and elected Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

However, The Hill reported, the House measures appear to be dead on arrival in the Senate and have been rejected by President Donald Trump, who is demanding $5 billion in funding for the wall on the Mexican border.

Democrats have rejected providing money for Trump’s wall and the measures approved on Thursday night do not include the funding he has demanded.

The first bill passed by the House in a 239-192 vote was a continuing resolution funding the Department of Homeland Security through February 8.

The House voted 241-190 to approve funds for six agencies through the end of the fiscal year.

By separating the two bills, Democrats hope to box-in Republicans by painting them as blocking legislation that would open the government. The shorter funding bill for DHS is intended to provide time for more talks on the wall, since border security is overseen by that agency.

McConnell has said that the Senate will not vote on legislation to reopen the government unless it will be signed by Trump.

The House Homeland Security stopgap would keep border security funding at $1.3 billion, providing no new funding for the barrier along the southern border.

Trump has invited congressional leaders back to the White House on Friday for another meeting to discuss the standoff.

House Republicans blasted Democrats for bringing the measure to the floor, arguing Democrats are not taking the negotiation process seriously and need to bring a “credible offer on the table.”

Democrats argue Trump is holding government funding hostage for the wall, which they feel is unnecessary and ineffective.