Hebrew University on Mount Scopus
Hebrew University on Mount Scopus Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Jerusalem's Hebrew University apologized after a lecturer was documented berating an IDF soldier who attending class while in uniform.

"The Hebrew University is proud that it has students that are serving as IDF soldiers. We welcome them in all types of dress. This has always been the policy" said the institution in a statement.

Hebrew University clarified that despite reports to the contrary, "it is important to clarify that yesterday there was no physical violence between the lecturer and the student" and called the lecturer's decision to dress down the soldier "mistaken".

"As such, the professor and the university management choose to publicly apologize to the student," concluded the statement.

A report by Kan on Tuesday showed Dr. Carola Hilfrich, a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, shouting at a student who arrived at a lesson in IDF uniform.

The soldier's decision to wear her uniform to class offended an Arab student, who complained to Hilfrich and taunted the soldier throughout the lecture as a "war criminal". Following the class, Hilfrich scolded the soldier for her decision to come to class in uniform.

"This isn't our class; you can't be naive to be here in uniform and expect to be treated as a civilian. You are a soldier in the Israeli army and they'll treat you accordingly," said the lecturer. The student responded that she does not get involved in political matters and simply serves to defend the State and its citizens. "It bothers you that I'm sitting in uniform in the classroom?" asked the student.

"There are people whose civil society is as important to them as the army is to you and you must accept their priorities as tolerantly as they accept and confront your priorities," answered Hilfrich.

The incident caused outrage in Israel, with politicians and public figures from all across the political spectrum calling on the university to punish Hilfrich. "It is unimaginable that IDF soldiers be placed in such humiliating situations,” said Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel. “Members of all the security services should be able to study in the university and wear their official uniforms.”

“The State of Israel and Israeli society should express their thanks for those who serve in the security services, not humiliate them."