Drones and cameras
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Last week on, December 19 and 20, London closed its second largest airport for 36 hours after drones were reportedly seen flying in the area.

The delay caused over 750 flights to be cancelled with 124 thousand people to be affected and costing the airliners and passengers tens of millions of dollars

The Daily Mail reported on Saturday that it was Israeli technology from Rafael Advance Defense Systems Ltd that helped to end the ongoing shutdown and get Gatwick Airport running again.

Rafael sold six anti-drone system to the British army this past August for over $25 million dollars to help them fight ISIS drones.

The technology used against to take down the drones was described as able to detect, track and neutralize the drones at 16 kilometers (10 miles).

A spokesperson for Rafael has yet to confirm with it was their system that was used at the London airport.

Even though this technology has not been used before the Gatwick Airport incident, there have been instances of drones being flown around airports. One such example was a drone hitting an aircraft in Tijuana, Mexico just last week.

The BBC reported that a 47-year-old male and a 54-year-old female were arrested Friday night on suspicion of being involved, but were later released. A Sussex Police detective did confirm that a damaged drone was found near the airport perimeter.