Regev in Amona
Regev in Amona Eliran Aharon

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev visited Amona on Sunday, where she unveiled the recently renovated town sign on lands purchased by Jews.

Regev wondered why the legal system insists on denying the residents of Amona the right to settle in land that was legally purchased. "I respect the statements of the attorney general, but regarding Amona, unlike Ofra, for example, this is an area that was purchased from Jewish funds and all the property documents were transferred to the relevant officials in the Civil Administration."

"There is no reason why people who bought land here in Amona will not be able to realize it, just like they would in Ariel, Dimona, Tel Aviv or Kiryat Shmona, and cannot exercise their property rights," she said.

Regev wondered, "I ask the attorney general and the justice minister what happened here, why are we dragging our feet and abusing people who bought their land here?"

The minister refrained from entering Amona due to the fact that a military order forbids entrance to the site. "I will not do anything against the commander's decision and I did not go in, but I came to convey a clear message to all the relevant parties."

She also expressed hope that the justice minister and the attorney general will find a solution to the problem. "There are three things here: First of all, the settlement of Ofra has to be settled - the state has connected all the infrastructure here - so it has to arrange this. The second is to allow the owners of the land to live where they bought the land and to realize the right to property. The third is to arrange the components of security in Judea and Samaria ".

"It will be very bad if the High Court of Justice disqualifies the expulsion of the families of terrorists ... We know that this is the most effective tool. When you expel the terrorist, he completely destroys his house and expel his family, this creates deterrence," she said.

"Our ability to punish and expel families of terrorists should not be reduced because it is a real tool. The Supreme Court must understand that a government needs tools to bring security," she concludes.