Cave rescue
Cave rescue iStock

Volunteers from the Etzion rescue unit of the Israel Police rescued two hikers who were stuck in a cave at a depth of about 10 meters in the Atarot area, north of Jerusalem.

Rescue teams, MDA, and a police force were on hand to extract the hikers from the cave.

Earlier today, a 60-year-old hiker who fell from a cliff in Nachal Kina in the Judean Desert near Arad was seriously injured.

The injured man was rescued by the 669 Israel Defense Force's heliborne Combat Search and Rescue extraction unit, and the Arad rescue unit. He was then evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva.

"A hiker who fell from a cliff in the Judean Desert area was evacuated to the trauma room, suffering from severe systemic damage," the Soroka hospital said. "His condition is severe and he is sedated and respirated."