The IDF has confirmed that Israeli security forces operating along the border with Lebanon began demolishing the four cross-border terror tunnels located this month.

As reported earlier, as part of Operation Northern Shield, Israeli forces are deployed along the northern border to neutralize four terror tunnels found in recent weeks.

“The neutralization and destruction phase of the cross-border attack tunnels, which were exposed by the IDF as part of Operation Northern Shield, has begun,” and IDF spokesperson said Thursday.

“This phase will be carried out using several methods and means which will ensure that the attack tunnels cannot be used by the Hezbollah terror organization and will prevent it from implementing its plans.”

Four tunnels have been found from southern Lebanon leading into Israeli territory since the launch of Operation Northern Shield earlier this month.

The tunnels were dug by the Hezbollah terror organization, for the purposes of conducting terrorist attacks on targets in northern Israel.

The IDF emphasized that it holds the Lebanese government and military responsible for the cross-border tunnels, which violate Israeli territory.

“The Lebanese Government is held accountable for digging the attack tunnels. The IDF warns against approaching the openings of the tunnels or staying close to them on the Lebanese side.”

“Notices regarding the neutralization of attack tunnels will be given to the relevant heads of local authorities and their residences. Simultaneously, the IDF continues its operational efforts in accordance with the approved plan.”

“The IDF continues to operate in the Northern Command with reinforced troops, and is prepared with a wide variety of enhanced capabilities for any developments, should they occur. The IDF will continue to operate to neutralize Hezbollah's military infrastructure and to thwart the threat the Hezbollah terror organization attempted to realize against civilians of the State of Israel.”

Earlier this week, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) confirmed that the tunnels violated the United Nation Security Council Resolution 1701, passed at the end of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war.

"After further technical investigations conducted independently in accordance with its mandate, UNIFIL can at this stage confirm that two tunnels cross the Blue Line, a blatant violation of the UN Security Council resolution 1701 ".