Hazan: 'They're trying to be rid of me'
Hazan: 'They're trying to be rid of me' Flash 90

The Knesset Ethics Committee has accepted a decision to discipline MK Oren Hazan (Likud) for defying Knesset guards, despite having been unable to hear Hazan's testimony, as was hospitalized during the hearing.

Knesset Legal Advisor Eyal Yinon called Hazan last Tuesday to inform him that the Ethics Committee decided to suspend him for two weeks and impose a fine.

Hazan, who was hospitalized at Hadassah Ein Kerem, told Yinon, "You can't hold a hearing and reach a decision without hearing me. You're trying to kill me' Edelstein's trying to wipe me out. I'm in the hospital and according to regulations you must hear me. I have the right to respond," said Hazan from Hadassah Ein Karem hospital.

The Knesset Legal Advisor was convinced and decided to postpone the decision until MK Hazan returned to parliamentary activity. After Hazan was released from hospital, he asked to appear before the Ethics Committee on Tuesday, but asked to wait until the end of his medical procedures.

Arutz Sheva learned that only after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu intervened did the Ethics Committee agree to postpone its decision and wait until Hazan's version was heard.

"The Ethics Committee can't discuss a matter that's already been discussed in the media, so after they leaked to journalists what I said, they don't have the right to discuss it. They're trying to be rid of me," Hazan said in response.

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