Rabbi Avraham Weil, rabbi of the city of Strasbourg in France, spoke about the feelings in the Jewish community following the attack on the Christmas market last night.

Three people were murdered and 14 wounded in the attack. French security forces are conducting a manhunt for the terrorist, who fled the scene and may have passed into Germany.

''There is a sense of tension of course, since they have not yet caught the terrorist. There is a sense of tension, but it is hard to say there is any real fear in the Jewish community," Rabbi Weil said in a conversation with Arutz Sheva.

''It's a very quiet day, they closed all schools in Strasbourg, Jewish schools included, of course. We in the Jewish community decided immediately, even before the municipality, to close the educational institutions. Despite everything, there are people out in the streets, more than in the morning. I cannot say that things are routine, but there are people walking in the street and it's hard to identify a feeling of worry."

Rabbi Weil added that "The most important thing for us is not to put the Jewish community in a panic. We have a very quiet life in Strasbourg that we want to preserve, and that is why many families came to live in the Jewish community here, and we want to preserve it. On the one hand it is very important to maintain the security of each and every person, and on the other hand it is important not to put the community in a panic."

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