Finishing two-day-trek
Finishing two-day-trek Ariel Spokesman

About 200 members of the Ariel Boys movement, members and instructors of the Oz clan, held their "Masa Ivri" graduation ceremony at the Western Wall last night.

During the ceremony students read Psalms for healing the Ofra attack wounded.

Before the ceremony participants took part in a trek that began in Latrun and lasted about two days via the Burma Road, the Sataf, the Ascent to Jerusalem, and the Western Wall. The journey began during Hanukkah symbolizing the continuation of the Maccabees who combined Torah with nationalism, and they followed in the footsteps of the 1948 Independence War fighters who broke through to Jerusalem and gave hope to city residents.

Ariel Movement Secretary-General Dvir Amior said: "In the most challenging times for the nation, light overcame darkness, from the Maccabees through to the 1948 warriors. Even in these joyous and also difficult days the enemies of Israel raise their heads. The eternity of Israel and the light of Israel will overcome the darkness, the Torah of Life is as strong as the name of the new clan that marched miles from Jerusalem to its summit."

סיום 'מסע עברי' בתפילה לרפואת הפצועים בכותל