Lev HaOlam Organization founder Attorney Nati Rom visited the Jewish community in Singapore in the course of a series of lectures in the Far East. At the same time local residents invited him to attend a moving tribute they prepared: A massive, levitating, lit-up menorah attached by heavy chains in the form of Jacob's Ladder. They sent the menorah up on a giant kite that they proudly flew in the skies of the country as a sign of support of the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

The people of Singapore to the people of Israel
The people of Singapore to the people of IsraelLev Haolam

The Lev HaOlam organization sends monthly packages of products from Judea and Samaria to thousands of friends of Israel around the world. In addition, the organization conducts tours of Samaria, led Rom.

Lev Haolam lecture attendees
Lev Haolam lecture attendeesLev Haolam

In a lecture in the Philippines, participants expressed great excitement and at the end of the lecture, stood up, and declared Am Yisrael Chai (The Jewish People Lives).

Attorney Nati Rom stated that "the lectures were fascinating - meeting people from another part of the world who are as eager to hear about what is happening in our region firsthand. The gesture of the citizens from Singapore for Hanukkah excited me personally and is directed via me to the entire people of Israel - we have emissaries of the Prophets abroad, and as in the Hanukka candles we transmit the light and increase it more and more. I hope that with more efforts, we'll be able to recruit even more citizens abroad to actively support Israel."

Jacob's Ladder leading up to Hanukkah menorah in Singapore skies
Jacob's Ladder leading up to Hanukkah menorah in Singapore skiesLev Haolam
Atty. Nati Rom Far East tour
Atty. Nati Rom Far East tourLev Haolam
Singapore tribute to Jewish People
Singapore tribute to Jewish PeopleLev Haolam