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Coffee giant Starbucks is planning on blocking customers from visiting pornographic websites at all of the company’s US stores, Starbucks announced on Thursday.

According to a statement from the company to Verge, Starbucks will begin filtering its wireless internet networks at all of its US locations in January, 2019.

At present, Starbucks prohibits the use of its complimentary WiFi internet networks for perusing websites with explicit sexual content, but has not blocked access of such sites from the internet networks at its American stores.

Starbucks made the move after coming under fire from an anti-pornography group, ‘Enough is Enough’.

The group, which managed to sign up some 26,000 people in favor of anti-porn blockers for Starbucks’ US stores, noted that the coffee chain has already blocked access of sex sites from the complimentary WiFi networks at its British locations.

In 2016, Starbucks vowed to introduce similar filters to its US stores, but never implemented the plan.

"Apparently, Starbucks cares more about providing paper straws to protect the environment than protecting kids and patrons on its public WiFi," Enough is Enough wrote last week.

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