Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Flash 90

The conduct of Prime Minister Netanyahu in recent days shows that from his point of view, despite the recent upheavals, the Knesset is acting as it has always done, and the politics of intrigue was and remains negotiable currency.

Otherwise you cannot explain how he would be willing to shoot down the understandings with former minister Avigdor Liberman in supporting the Cultural Loyalty Law, the Legal Advisor's Law, and surrounding laws to worsen conditions for terrorists - only for the sake of intransigence regarding one personal law that answers to the name of the Gideon Sa'ar Law, and because of one big nebulous nightmare.

In Netanyahu's Caesaresque regime, the numbers are only a recommendation. Fact: 61 and 66 give the same result. Despite the many detours and obstacles impeding a coalition that seeks to advance laws in favor of the right-wing agenda, Netanyahu chooses to continue the policy of procrastination, stretch the rope to the limit, and hope that he will be able to stop in time before the whole thing breaks down in his hands.

The games he conducts against Liberman and the heads of right-wing voters are only a small example of the larger story. Do not fool yourself. There is no scenario in which Netanyahu changes his character, his doctrine, or his conduct in the security arena. As the stardust subsided around the intimidation speech about our special security situation, Defense Minister Netanyahu returned to his conduit to continue managing contacts with Hamas.

It is possible to argue that 'Mr. Security' is right in his restrained conduct. It is possible to discuss at length the proper security policy for Israel, but all these vegetables are good for morning discussions over a double espresso and a cheese croissant. Israel's security policy was and will remain the same as it was a month and two months ago: Missing Israeli deterrence, missing the IDF's iron fist.

Netanyahu behaves this way because he knows there is no threat on his right. He knows that all the background noise from the satellite groups on the right does not hold water. The past two weeks have taught that the Ministers of the Jewish Home are walking around with a bullet-free pistol. It's true, there is no possibility that Jewish Home will topple the right-wing government; There is no possibility that Jewish Home will not help establish the next right-wing government. So why try.

The only scenario where Netanyahu changes the policy of containment and recreates deterrence on Israel's borders may come to light only after Netanyahu discovers voters to the right of him drifting away to the Jewish Home party. On the day that the Jewish Home Party becomes a bipartisan and powerful party, Netanyahu will consider a new route.

In the previous elections, right-wing voters set up a magnificent 30-seat ship but abandoned its anchors. The ship of Netanyahu went sailing and forgot where she came from and where she was supposed to go. In order for the right-wing voters to receive the appropriate renumeration for voting in the next elections, they must strengthen Netanyahu's anchors. Strengthen the nationalist Jewish Home of right-wing voters.

Translated by Mordechai Sones