Gaza periphery residents protest
Gaza periphery residents protest צילום: נגה בנודיז-סיהו/TPS

The Home Front Command issued an official directive Tuesday evening cancelling the emergency guidelines which had been in effect during the massive rocket barrage from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.

The cancellation of the guidelines signals a return to normalcy for the hundreds of thousands of residents who spent the last day and a half under fire from nearly 500 rockets and mortars. One person was killed and over 50 injured from rocket and mortar strikes, and a number of private homes were struck during the onslaught.

"At the end of the assessment of the situation, it was decided to remove the restrictions of defense in the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, the Negev and Lachish," the IDF spokesman said.

A number of local authorities have announced the evening following the Home Front Command's announcement of a return to normal routine. Among the local authorities that announced this were Eshkol Regional Council, Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, Beer Sheva City, Ashkelon City and Kiryat Malachi City.

Around 5:00 PM Israel time, Arab media reported that an agreement was reached between Hamas and Israel on a cease-fire. The agreement was achieved through Egyptian mediation.

Hamas confirmed the report that an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire had been reached, but made it clear that the organization would be obligated to it only as long as the "Zionist enemy" fulfilled its commitment to the cease-fire.

An Israeli political source who responded to reports of agreements on a cease-fire said: "Hamas approached Israel through four different mediators and asked for a cease-fire, and Israel responded that it would determine the measures on the ground and that Israel reserved its freedom of action."

It should be noted that in the five hours that have elapsed since the agreement on a ceasefire, it has been preserved on both sides.

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