Sky Sapience presents the most advanced drone in the world, the HoverMast product line. Development Manager Yigal Karbaki spoke to Arutz Sheva about their versatile tethered hovering platforms that are field-proven in defense and military scenarios.

The HoverMast is operated from a variety of small vehicles or marine vessels.

Hovering over its host vehicle, it receives and transmits intelligence information even while in motion, and supports stable real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in virtually all weather and light conditions. The HoverMast platforms are completely autonomous, rising up to 100m within seconds, and secured by a cable providing an unlimited power supply and wideband data link.

At the push of a button, the aerial platform automatically exits its compact housing unit, extends its rotor arms and rises to the designated height, immediately beginning information-gathering activity. Its operation is hands-free, alerting the operator on substantial issues only, in which case the system lands automatically.

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