Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager צילום: מירי צחי

After the deadliest act of terror ever targeting Jews in the United States, the question of whether our days are numbered in America once again comes up. This is not an easy or simple question.

I don’t profess to be a prophet. I am not a doom and gloom type person. With the tremendous outpouring of support from everywhere for the Jewish Community after the Pittsburgh Massacre, I am cautiously optimistic that we shall overcome and continue to flourish in the greatest Democracy ever created in the history of the world.

There are, however, some very disturbing signs that if left unchecked the worst case scenario for American Jews is not out of the question. I say this with a very heavy heart. Unfortunately, it is happening in France and Great Britain already.

Ever since the Jew, Haym Solomon , who was a close friend of George Washington (over 70 letters exist between the two) and who literally almost single handedly financed the Revolutionary War, died penniless for his efforts, America has been the greatest country ever for the exiled Jewish People.

I spent this past week with two Holocaust survivors (one aged 88 and the other aged 93) one from Poland and one from Germany. They both voiced concern that America seemed to be on the brink of a major Anti-Semitism outbreak and epidemic similar to what they experienced in the early 1930’s. Both felt that President Trump was not the cause of Anti-Semitism but the very antidote to Anti-Semitism. The President’s visit to Pittsburgh and his speech against Anti-Semitism all were tremendously helpful to combat the Scourge. President Trump has stood up for the Jewish People and Israel time and time again.

There are two totally distinct disturbing trends happening in America. Both are problematic for Jews in very different ways. One is the emergence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who David Freedlander at Politico says won, “because she galvanized the college-educated gentrified who are displacing” the Democratic Party’s longtime base.

Second is that the murderer Robert Bowers is not the only madman neo-Nazi, white supremacist out there. Unfortunately, he is not alone.

I am not at all comparing the two. I am pointing out two dangerous trends that do not forebode well for the Jewish People. The white supremacists have acted before. In 2014 Frazier Glenn MillerJr. Killed Jews in Kansas City and Aryan Nations member Buford O. Furrow Jr. fired 70 shots into a Los Angeles Jewish Community Center.

It is possible that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will get educated quickly and change her tune. At the moment she is Anti-Israel and pro-BDS. Her continued rise in the Democratic Party unless reversed will make the lives of Jews in Israel and America very uncomfortable. She is a product of the radical far left campus environment which ultimately unless stopped will lead to more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clones and to no good.

The horrific murder of 11 innocent worshippers in Pittsburgh by Robert Bowers is a more immediate and a more ominous threat. This is more reminiscent of 1933 Germany.

Once again President Trump offers the greatest hope to cut off the emergence of the ugly head of Jew hatred and Anti-Semitism.

I congratulate him for his efforts to date. I am more concerned what might happen after his Presidency.

Jews in America do have reason to fear. The Jews of Germany never thought it could or would happen there and it did. My survivor friend told me a new edict against the Jews was passed every day in Germany from 1933 on. Many tried to leave but by then it was too late. The existence of the State of Israel has changed the whole calculus. Israel needs America and America needs Israel.

I pray that the disturbing trends noted above are blocked and done away with. If not, our days in America may indeed be numbered.