Israeli Air Force jets (archive)
Israeli Air Force jets (archive) FLASH90

The Israeli military began two separate mass training exercises on Sunday, an IDF spokesperson said Sunday afternoon.

The two exercises, dubbed "Sky Angles" and "Blue and White Flag" will run for just under two weeks, from Sunday, November 4th until Thursday, November 15th.

Authorities say the exercises will cause a significant amount of air traffic over central and southern Israel.

The Sky Angels training exercises have brought units from the Israeli air force, Israeli army, and six foreign air forces together to prepare for a variety of rescue operations.

Blue and White Flag, on the other hand, is being conducted solely by the Israel Air Force, with the goal of maintaining Israel’s strategic advantage in air power in the region.

An IDF spokesperson said the international Sky Angels training operation is the largest in Israel’s history, and will bring together air units from six different nations.

“This exercise is a large scale international rescue exercise and will be the largest to be held in Israel. The exercise is strategically important and will influence the Israeli Air Force, the IDF and Israel. This year, air forces from some six countries will participate and observe the exercise, among them the United States, Italy, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Canada and The Netherlands.”

“The Blue and White Flag exercise is a wide-scale exercise of the Israeli Air Force. This complex exercise will simulate aerial activity facing advanced threats and will facilitate cooperation between several Air Force components, in order to preserve the IAF’s aerial superiority and freedom of movement. During this exercise, significant air traffic will be noticed over southern Israel.”