Hecklers at Rabin memorial rally
Hecklers at Rabin memorial rallyKobi Richter/TPS

In an interview on “Ha’olam Haboker” on Reshet, Meretz chairman MK Tamar Zandberg was asked to address the scornful reception of Minister Tzachi Hanegbi on Saturday night, and her words indicated understanding for the public that tried to silence the minister.

She said that it must be understood that “There is a public and this is what it felt. You want to exchange the nation?” she asked, adding, "This is the rally of the peace camp that came to support the path of peace. This is the rally that comes to gather the camp and fight for peace.”

"The words of every person can be heard and this contempt is also part of freedom of expression. We hear the words of the entire right-wing government all the time. This public feels that the government is persecuting it and labeling it as an enemy, and therefore it expresses itself in this way. "

In her words, Zandberg mentioned the disagreements that accompanied the preparations for the rally, days in which she herself struggled to speak at the rally after the assessment was that she was not going to be allowed to do so. "Anyone who organizes a public rally should know the public for whom the rally is intended."

"Unity is not that we will talk and you will be silent," she said. "It was an authentic feeling of those who feel they are not being understood."

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