Kanye West meets Donald Trump in the White House
Kanye West meets Donald Trump in the White House REUTERS

African American musician, Kayne West, after famously embracing President Trump at the White House and declaring "I love this guy" in front of the cameras stated yesterday (Tuesday) that he has decided to distance himself from politics.

"Eyes wide open now and I understand that they used me to spread messages that I don't believe in" West wrote on Twitter. "I'm distancing myself from politics and focusing entirely on being creative."

This development is understood to be a blow to Trump, who happily received the support of West. West- who is considered one of the most successful musicians of all time- was essentially a lone figure among African American celebrities who expressed support for Trump. The overwhelming majority of the African American community generally votes in favor of the Democratic Party.

It appears West was not disappointed from Trump himself, but rather from Conservative African American political commentator, Candace Owens. Owens was quoted in the New York Post as having said that West designed the logo of the new political movement she heads,"Blexit," which encourages African Americans to leave the Democratic Party. West denies having designed the logo.

"I introduced Candace to the people who designed the logo but they didn't want their name to appear on it so she used my name," West explained. "I never wanted any affiliation with Blexit. I have no connection to it".

Owens tried to minimize damages and explained that West had indeed referred her to another designer who designed the logo. "The media erred in that it used Kanye's name in order to create drama and additional conflict- that's not okay" she asserted.