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Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh Conservative rabbi Jeffrey Myers, eleven members of whose congregation were murdered yesterday, has criticized lenient US arms laws in the past, CNN reported.

In the community blog, Myers attacked the lack of action by politicians in the wake of the mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida.

"We deserve better," he wrote, claiming that Capitol Hill ignores the issue of arms control and continues to ignore the issue after it "faded away" in the media. "Despite continuous calls for sensible gun control and mental health care, our elected leaders in Washington knew that it would fade away in time."

"Unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the mid-term elections, I fear that that the status quo will remain unchanged, and school shootings will resume."

"I shouldn't have to include in my daily morning prayers that God should watch over my wife and daughter, both teachers, and keep them safe. Where are our leaders?"

Pennsylvania has liberal gun laws, allowing operation of marksmanship schools for citizens wishing to learn how to defend themselves that would be impossible to run elsewhere. Pennsylvania tactical training school Cherev Gidon Director Yonatan Stern responded to yesterday's attack: "For years we have been telling American Jews that they need to get armed and trained to defend their communities against violent antisemitic attacks," Stern wrote on Cherev Gideon's Facebook page.

"Many listened to us, but sadly many others preferred to bury their heads in the sand and ignore our warnings. Today, our predictions came true right here in our own state of Pennsylvania and too many have had to pay the ultimate price.

"Do not ignore the writing on the wall: Buy a gun, learn how to use it, and carry everywhere you go, especially to Synagogue!"