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Former Supreme Court Justice Yoram Danziger said that convicted murderer Roman Zadorov should be given a retrial after new bombshell DNA evidence showed that Zadorov did not kill thirteen-year-old Ta'ir Rada.

Danziger had been the only judge on the three-man panel to vote for Zadorov's acquittal during the trial.

"In my opinion, there is a good chance that a retrial will be made in this case," Danziger said. "If it reaches a stage of retrial, at least a significant part of the questioning will be clarified."

"It is improper and inappropriate for a retired judge to express his opinion as to whether the majority opinion was correct or the opinion of the minority," Danziger emphasized. "I do not think it's desirable. We have a serious system. I assume that if it comes to the stage of a retrial, all questions will become clear."

Thirteen-year-old Ta'ir Rada of Katzrin, in the Golan Heights, was found dead in a bathroom stall at the Nofey Golan high school on December 6, 2006. She had been brutally stabbed.

A construction worker who had been employed on the school grounds, Roman Zadorov, was charged with the murder and found guilty after he confessed to the murder. However, there have always been grave doubts among the Israeli public regarding his guilt, and speculation that the confession was a forced one.

In 2016, a TV documentary revealed the existence of a previously unknown suspect in the murder: a woman identified as A.K. who lived in Katzrin at the time of the murder, and who suffers from severe mental problems.

A single human hair that had been found on Rada's body was recently tested and found to match the DNA of a man who had been A.K.'s boyfriend at the time of the murder. The boyfriend has an alibi for the time of the murder but it is believed that A.K. was wearing his sweatshirt when she committed the crime.

Zadorov's attorney called for him to be released immediately and for a retrial to be held. It remains to be seen how the Prosecution and courts will respond.

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