Former Jerusalem city attorney and mayoral candidate Avi Salman today removed a poster that had been hanging for a week in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda neighborhood advertising an apartment for rent but with one restriction: "Not to soldiers".

"Such people belong in jail," said Salman, before climbing a ladder and removing the sign from above an awning.

"Such a sign in Jerusalem -' For rent - not to soldiers' - is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Such people should sit in jail, and I as mayor won't allow such posters to go up and won't let such things happen in Jerusalem."

After snipping the sign's fasteners Salman scornfully brandished it aloft and declared, "That's it, friends; we won't let this happen. We are the first to defend IDF soldiers, and we'll take care of them," before casting the offending poster to the pavement in disgust and contempt.

Salman has been a Jerusalem city attorney who held posts including business development director and political advisor to Mayor Nir Barkat. Salman had a falling-out with Barkat and chose to run against him. Salman is a Likud member but is running on an independent list called “I am Jerusalem headed by Avi Salman.”